Chuck and Beth Loew – In Vienna VA

If you are willing to listen to professionals who sell homes for a living, and, if you are willing to check your emotions at the door, Debbie McGuire and Vivian Lyons are right for you. After reviewing our property, they made several suggestions to get it market ready. The most significant of their  recommendations was to paint the oak kitchen cabinets white ($3,800). That was tough to swallow, but we did it. One of the most important things that Debbie suggested was to tour the competing properties. After completing the tour, we were in a much better place to determine a listing price that would make our property stand out. Had we not done that, we could have fallen into the pit of over pricing. That’s where checking your emotions at the door is important. Who doesn’t think their property is worth at least what they paid for it, or, at the very least, more than the market wants to pay? Result…the house sold in less than a week (in December!), a hair below full listing price, and closed in 30 days, with a well-qualified buyer. Debbie was aggressive in the counteroffer she proposed and worked seamlessly with the buyers’ broker to navigate the inspection report, radon report and other details. An interesting sidebar is that Debbie and Vivian were the listing brokers when we bought the property. They bring class and experience to the table.

— Chuck and Beth