Jamie & Kevin in Herndon, VA

We are happy to recommend Vivian and Debbie, as we are thrilled with their work.

First of all, they know how to stage and photograph better than any others we have seen. It is imperative that your house look fantastic on the internet.
Take their advice, it makes a difference. My husband was a little resistant to the changes they advised for photos and showings. Now, after the fact, he firmly believes that they were correct, and our house sold quickly because of it.

The brochure they made for us was a great marketing tool, it was superior. They used a professional photographer, and the photos showed our house at its best.

They have a proven sales approach that they follow, they are both very knowledgable and responsive to us as well as any potential buyers.
We were very comfortable asking questions and discussing any concerns, even at odd hours.

Our house was always actively marketed, regular open houses, print and internet exposure, it never languished. They were very motivated.

We ended up with a contract and a back-up contract. They guided us
through the process and minimized any renegotiations regarding price and requested repairs/changes. They are very skilled negotiators.

We are very pleased with the professionalism of their entire team, the price we received and the timeliness of the entire transaction.
We have recommended them to our friends and would use them again.

Good Luck with your move.

— Kevin and Jamie